As a leading large-scale private higher education and vocational education group in South China,  China Vocational Education Holdings Limited ( the "Company" , stock code: 1756.HK) was listed on the main board of Hong Kong on November 25, 2019. The Group offering private higher education and private vocational education in a wide range of fields in applied sciences with an aim to prepare our students with the necessary knowledge base, skill sets and accreditations to secure jobs and pursue careers in particular professions, trades and industries.

We have designed our curricula with a distinct emphasis on practical, job-oriented conduct for a variety of majors that are in demand b potential employers in the Pearl Delta. We believe our market-focused major offerings, practical job-oriented curricula and practical training help our students to become more marketable to potential employers. As at February 28, 2023, the total number of students of the Group was 54,109.

  • We have structured our curricula to combine theoretical study with practical training as we believe practical practical training serves to enhance our students' ability to apply knowledge and skills to real-life situations and increase their likelihood of employment.

    high initial employment rate

  • South China Leading Private Education Group

    We are a pioneer in the private education industry in China, operating top-ranked private higher education institutions and private vocational education institutions in South China.

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