Zhang Zhifeng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Vocational Education Holdings Limited, Honorary Director of Guangzhou Huali College (formerly known as Huali College of Guangdong University of Technology), Guangzhou Huali Vocational College of Technology and Huali Technician College of Guangdong Province, The tenth session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Scientific and Education Committee, the special committee of the 11th Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the members of the Eighth and Ninth Committee of the Zengcheng People’s Political Consultative Conference, etc. Positions.

Mr. Zhang  is a pioneer in private universities in Guangdong Province. He founded three schools, including Guangzhou Huali College, Huali Technology Vocational College of Guangzhou and Huali Technical College of Guangdong Province with more than 54,000 students.

Mr. Zhang  has won honors such as "National Outstanding Education Innovative Persons", "Chen Xiangmei‘s Special Award for Awards in Recognition of Science and Culture Awards", "Guangdong Private Professional and Training Education Outstanding Contribution Award", "Outstanding Operators of Private Education in Guangzhou", "Top ten outstanding figures in China's Private Colleges", "Top ten outstanding entrepreneurs in the Construction of Private Schools in China", "Special Contribution Award of China's Private Education".

Behind the achievements and honors is Mr. Zhang's deep love and persistent pursuit of the education undertaking. He is devoted to the hard work and sweat that he devoted himself to in the past 20 years after joining the private education industry.

Since the establishment of the school, under the leadership of the Party and the State’s education policy, Mr. Zhang has been convinced that he knows that the country’s development and construction requires skilled talents. The students in the world need professional skills to gain a foundation for their own development. High-level, applied, and scientific-oriented higher education is the orientation. With social responsibility and human development as the guide, we constantly cultivate high-quality talents with high morality, knowledge, and practicality and innovation, and implement “strictly teach and rigorously study, The "rule of rigorous school" principle of management of the school, the full implementation of the "integration of engineering and learning, school-enterprise cooperation," the practice of teaching, the establishment of a good school atmosphere, teaching style and style of study, the employment rate of graduates in the same schools in South China in the forefront, continue to the community All walks of life output high-quality applied talents.

Mr. Zhang is a charismatic entrepreneur. The enthusiasm for education is not only devoted to thousands of our students, but he has also been enthusiastically and generously assisting young people in poor families in remote areas for many years. He took the lead in starting the "intellectual support" project at Huali College and recruited more than 200 poor students from Gansu, Inner Mongolia and Anhui. Since 2009, he insists on going to poverty-stricken areas in Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang, and Shaanxi each year to carry out "student donation" activities. By donating teaching equipment, he can effectively improve the conditions for running local schools. He used his actions to help impoverished students to study and fulfill their dreams, and contribute to the development of education in poverty-stricken areas.

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